AIR-INK: Pigment made from exhaust fumes, developed at MIT Media Lab

(Hear their story on our podcast.)

Huskee: Reusable, recyclable, machine-washable cups made from coffee husk waste

Carbon Chair: Furniture that finds a creative new use for carbon, a strong, lightweight miracle material that’s troublingly tough to recycle

Reduce waste.
Expand your potential.

Projects that transform "trash" into original product design.

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1. Create a project that proposes a new product made with used material.

2. Add "Shapeshift" to the project title.

3. Launch your project any time between October 1 and October 31, 2019.

Used materials, 
fresh possibilities

Shapeshift is an open call for projects made from recycled plastics, papers, textiles, ceramics, coffee grounds, fishing nets, air pollution, and more. Explore how creators are inventively turning old materials into entirely new design. 

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Sustainability is always in style

Our Environmental Resources Center is a comprehensive guide to employing all types of Circular Design principles—choices that consider full-lifecycle, holistic sustainability. We often put extra promotional weight behind projects with exemplary Environmental Commitments details. Shapeshift is simply an opportunity to put a special spotlight on inventive work with recycled materials.

Reduce waste. Expand your potential.

This October, transform "trash" into original product design.

Ideas are renewable resources

Get inspiration from past projects that put Shapeshift thinking into practice.