Oscar's rules for launching a Quickstarter campaign:

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It's OK to think small.

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Quickstarter is an invitation to create small projects—done mostly for fun. Use it for a first foray into making, a sketch for a larger idea, or a creative experiment that you want to share.

Rule #1


It's OK to think small.

London-based designer Oscar Lhermitte came up with the idea for Quickstarter. He’s no stranger to big projects (like the time he literally promised people the Moon). But he also loves doing small ones “that are inherently beautiful because they are simple and manageable.” 

Oscar created some rules for Quickstarter (which you can follow or adapt to meet your needs). Read them below, then start thinking about what you’d like to create. But don’t think too long—make it quick!

Plan it in three months or less.

Rule #2

Keep the campaign under 20 days.

Rule #3

The funding goal should be under $1,000.

Rule #4

Offer rewards under $50.

Rule #5

Shoot the video in one day.

Rule #6

No PR or media outreach (unless contacted).

Rule #7

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Rule #8

No stretch goals.

Rule #9

Include "Quickstarter" in your campaign name.

No paid ads on social media.