Our Rules → 

They’re short and simple, but you should know them!

Step One:

Am I a creator?

Creator FAQs → 

It’s a great one! Start here if you have a specific question about using Kickstarter.

Creator Hangouts → 

Conversations with creators from the Kickstarter community.

Step Two:

How do I build my campaign?

Creator Basics Videos → 

Creators from every category offer their best advice for every stage of your campaign.

How to Create a Great Project Video → 

The seven things you need to make an exceptional project video.

The Creator Handbook → 

Consider this your quintessential guide on how-to Kickstarter.

Step Three:

How do I promote my project?

The Creator Compendium on Medium → 

A central hub of guides, articles, and worksheets to help keep your campaign on track.

Tools for Promoting Your Project → 

How to get press and spread the word about your campaign.

Skillshare Class: How Creatives and Brands Can Build a Following → 

An online class brought to you by Stephanie Pereira, our Director of Community Education.

Kickstarter Experts → 

Consultants with experience running and advising successful Kickstarter projects. They're here to help you!

Are you thinking of launching a Kickstarter campaign, but not sure if you've got what it takes? Look no further. We've put the Creator Education Kit together to answer your most pressing questions, and to make sure that you have every tool at your fingertips that you'll need to succeed.

Creator Education Kit

Everything you need to bring your creative project to life. 

Step Four:

How do I fulfill my campaign and continue building my audience?

Resources for Fulfilling Your Rewards → 

Fulfillment from A to Z!

Tips from the Kickstarter Blog → 

A collection of tips and resources to help you succeed.

Hardware Studio → 

An initiative providing resources and support for independent hardware creators.

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